Abstracts we recieved so far

Lecturer(s) Title of the paper Abstract
Plenary talk
András Hajdu
Digital Image Processing in Complex Systems Download
Plenary talk
Franz Winkler
Symbolic Computation – A philosophy of mathematics Download
Plenary talk
Gunter Weiss
3D-Visualisation with Lenticular Foil Displays: Pros and Cons Download
Plenary talk
János Sztrik
Queueing Theory and its Applications, A Personal View Download
Plenary talk
Tibor Csendes
Reliable Numerical Methods for Mathematical Problems Download
Plenary talk
Tudor Jebelean
A Logical Approach to Program Verification Download
Plenary talk
Zoltán Porkoláb
The new C++ standard – without concepts? Download
A. Werner-Stark
Tibor Dulai
Game theoretic approach of product distribution by vehicles Download
Andrea Huszti
Péter Pleva
Anonym electronic exam system with minimal trust Download
András Benczúr On the Growing Semantic Gap Download
András Fülöp Virtual military robot controlled by emotical agents using reinforcement learning Download
Anett Bekéné Rácz Adapting LP preprocessing to LFP problems Download
Anikó Vágner
István Juhász
József Kuk
Ádám Balázs
Clustering of ECG Signals Download
Anna K Fazekas
Magda Várterész
Gábor Fazekas
Quality assurance models in e-learning Download
Antal Iványi
Imre Kátai
Quick testing of random variables Download
Attila Adamkó
Csaba Bornemissza
Developing Web-Based Applications Using Model Driven Architecture and Domain Specific Languages Download
Attila Egri-Nagy
Chrystopher L. Nehaniv
Dependency Structure of Hierarchically Constructed Permutation Groups and Transformation Semigroups Download
Attila Gilányi Solving linear functional equations using Maple Download
Attila Góbi
Tamás Kozsik
Mónika Mészáros
Artyom Antyipin
Dorián Batha
Tamási Kiss
Untangling Type Inference and Scope Analysis Download
Attila Hadházi Data Protection on Progress Databases and Progress 4GL Download
Attila Kuki The Evergreen SSADM Download
Balázs Bánhelyi A computer-assisted proof for stable/unstable behaviour of periodic solutions for the forced damped pendulum Download
Balázs Hadházi-Borsos An Overview on Software Ergonomy Download
Balázs Harangi
László Kovács
Brigitta Nagy
Rashid Jalal Qureshi
András Hajdu
Automatic detection of the fovea and optic disk in digital retinal images by combining algorithms Download
Balázs Harangi
Tibor Csordás
András Hajdu
Detecting the excessive activation of the ciliaris muscle on thermal images Download
Barnabas Szasz Linked Data Use Cases within the Enterprise Download
Bedéné Szőke Éva
Mohamed Zsuzsanna
Pallás Edit
Takács Szabolcs
Optimization of biomass production on company level Download
Bedéné Szőke Éva
Mohamed Zsuzsanna
Pallás Edit
Takács Szabolcs
Programming model suitable for economic underlying of specialization of agricultural entrepreneurs to biomass production Download
Benedek Nagy Pumping lemmas for special linear languages Download
Benedek Schultz Visualization of Nil geometry with Wolfram Mathematica Download
Botond A. Bócsi
Lehel Csató
Dirichlet process–based component detection in state-space models Download
Bálint Antal DRSCREEN - Developing a computer based image processing system for diabetic retinopathy screening Download
Bálint Antal
András Hajdu
A generic lesion detector for retinal images Download
Bálint Antal
András Hajdu
István Lázár
Novel approaches to improve microaneurysm detection Download
Béla Almási UDPTUN – Direct TCP connection between “NAT behind” hosts Download
Christian Dönch
Franz Winkler
Bivariate difference-differential dimension polynomials and their computation in Maple Download
Csaba Bornemissza Mixing Waterfall and Agile Management Methodology Elements to Create Optimal Project Environment Download
Csaba Bornemissza Setting Up an Effective Technical Architecture and a Non-Technical Methodology for Web Development Projects Download
Csaba Komló Virtual and on-line classrooms of elearning Download
Csanád Imreh
Tamás Németh
On lookahead online algorithms for the data acknowledgment models Download
Csilla Csendes Parameter estimation, and random number generation to stable distributions Download
Daróczy Gabriella Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Psychology Download
Deepak Bahadur Dhami Implementation Challenges of e-Governance In Nepal and Possible steps towards solutions Download
Ede Troll Constrained modification of a quadratic and cubic trigonometric spline curves Download
Endre Palatinus
Balázs Bánhelyi
Circle covering and its applications for telecommunication networks Download
Ferenc Molnár Rapid application testing and staging in virtualized environments Download
Gergely Dévai
Zoltán Gera
Zoltán Horváth
Gábor Páli
Máté Tejfel
Feldspar – a Functional Embedded Language for DSP Download
Gergely Kovásznai
Gábor Kusper
Empirical Investigations on Combining Resolution and Tableaux Download
Gergely Kovásznai
Wolfgang Schreiner
Gábor Kusper
Gábor Guta
János Sztrik
A Survey on Java Meta Languages Download
Gergely Ráthonyi
László Várallyai
Miklós Herdon
GIS in the agricultural economy and the business applications Download
György Orbán
Anna Medve
László Kozma
Let’s Go the Verification Engineering Download
György Terdik Analysis of Highspeed Network Data Download
Győző Horváth
Péter Szlávi
László Zsakó
Informatics (ICT) Competencies Download
Gábor Balázsfalvi BitTorrent like file sharing on mobile devices using heterogeneous wireless networks Download
Gábor Geda
Csaba Biró
Computer-Aided Quantitative Observation of a Crystallization Process Download
Gábor Geda
Gergely Kovásznai
Using Robotics to Motivate Students in Higher Education Download
Gábor Kiss A comparison of informatics skills by genders of Hungarian grammar school students Download
Gábor Kusper Modular Architecture in Object Oriented Software Design with Distributed Business Logic using a Mediator and Message Busses Download
Gábor Páli
Tamás Kozsik
Measuring Software Complexity by Types Download
Gábor Valasek
János Vida
Considerations on Offsetting Plane Curves Download
Henrietta Tomán
Szilvia Szeghalmy
József Szakács
András Hajdu
Detecting digital intersections using line approximation Download
Ildikó Papp
Miklós Hoffmann
Isoptics of Bézier curves Download
Imre Barna
Péter Bauer
Kinga Bernád
Zsolt Hernáth
Zoltán Horváth
Balázs Kőszegi
Gergely Kovács
Tamás Kozsik
Zsolt Lengyel
Róbert Roth
Sándor Sike
Gábor Takács
ODF Mobile Edition – Towards the development of a mobile office software Download
Imre Varga
Ferenc Kun
Computer Modeling of Binary Dipolar Monolayers Download
István Bozó
Melinda Tóth
Zoltán Horváth
Slicing Erlang programs Download
István Fazekas Nonparametric regression and measurement error Download
István Fekete
Roberto Giachetta
Péter Kovács
To Balance or Rebuild? - An Experimental Study of Randomly Built Binary Search Trees Download
István Juhász
Márk Kósa
Anikó Vágner
Teaching Database Systems at the Faculty of Informatics at the University of Debrecen Download
István Lázár
András Hajdu
Retinal microaneurysm detection based on intensity profile analysis Download
Iván Devosa Why to use multi-touch boards in the education? Download
Jakab Hunor Sándor Using Gaussian Processes for variance reduction in Policy Gradient algorithms Download
János Balogh
József Békési
Galambos Gábor
Some semi-online bin packing results Download
János Folláth Notes on a family of collision-free functions Download
János Sztrik
Patrick Wüchner
Hermann de Meer
Finite-source retrial queues with applications Download
József Bozsik Artifical Neural Networks in Default Forecast Download
József Bozsik Genetic Algorithm in Default Forecasts Download
József Mihalicza How #includes affect build time in large systems Download
Karina Bunyik
Gergely Dévai
Zoltán Gera
Zsolt Gyulavári
Zoltán Horváth
Kálmán Karch
Krisztián Markó
Gyula Nagy
Emese Palkó
Endre Sajó
Máté Tejfel
A Domain Specific Language for DSP Download
Katalin Pásztor Varga
Magda Várterész
Semantic approach to the theorem proving in many-valued logic Download
Kinga Sipos Optimal ATM Management Using Genetic Algorithms Download
Lajos Kollár Interoperability of Model-driven Web Engineering approaches Download
Levente Lócsi
Ferenc Schipp
Discrete approximation of ECG signals Download
László Aszalós
Andrea Huszti
Applying spi-calculus for PayWord Download
László Aszalós
Norbert Bátfai
László Csirmaz
János Folláth
Tamás Herendi
Attila Pethő
Péter Varga
Secure utilization of local and regional data assets through mobile environments Download
László Bakó
Péter István Fülöp
Advanced Hardware Neural Network Architectures Using Embedded Multi-Core Processors Download
László Dudás Computer Aided Geometric Design of Gear Surfaces Download
László Kovács Generating Fuzzy Rule System using Cross Entropy Optimization Method Download
László Kovács
Péter Barabás
Cost Analysis of Sentence Classification with ECG Semantic Graph Matching Download
László Lövei
Lilla Hajós
Melinda Tóth
Erlang Semantic Query Language Download
László Pál
Tibor Csendes
Estimating network loads in service networks Download
László Tóth
Hiroyuki Matsuda
Hiroshi Daimon
New image processing method for the observation of hidden structures of electron microscopic images Download
Magyar Tímea Introduction of decimal fractions to special need children Download
Malgorzata S. Zuberek Teaching Computing Across the Disciplines: “The Different Shades of Grey” Download
Margit Horosz-Gulyás
Katalin Katonáné Gombás
Cooperative research in water management Download
Marianna Sipos Virtuoso Virtuality Download
Marianna Zichar
Szilvia Szeghalmy
Network Topology in 3D GIS Download
Marta Czenky Teaching of database programming for mechanical engineering students Download
Md. Muhidul Islam Khan An Enhanced Data Mining Technique for Efficient Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks Download
Md. Nazmul Hasan Chowdhury Factorial Analysis of Customer Relationship Management In Bangladesh Download
Md. Raqibul Hasan
M. Sohel Rahman
DesynchLRU: An Efficient Page Replacement Algorithm with Desynchronized Cache and RAM Download
Melinda Simon
Norbert Pataki
SQL code complexity analysis Download
Miklós Herdon Collaborative research on open source e-learning Download
Miklós Kasza
Vilmos Bilicki
Vilmos Szűcs
Rethinking Security in the Light of Contraction and CONVERGEnce Download
Molnárné Nagy Mária Providing software reengineering technical expertise based on similarity metric Download
Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmad
Péter Fehér
Application of Mind Mapping Technique to Study the Fruits and Vegetables Processing Industry and Supply Chain Download
Mária Bakó Digital divide in Debrecen and perspectives Download
Márk Kósa
János Pánovics
Object-oriented approach of search algorithms for two-player games Download
Márta Szilvási-Nagy New implementations of surface constructing algorithms for Wolfram's demonstration project Download
Márton Ispány On limit of inhomogeneous nearly unstable INAR models Download
Mâamoun Bernichi
Fabrice Mourlin
Hybrid approach for mobile agent specification Download
Mónika Mészáros
Péter Diviánszky
Attila Góbi
Andrea Kovács
Dániel Leskó
Gábor Páli
Detaching and Reconstructing the Documentary Structure of Source Code Download
Norbert Bátfai Open Source Mobile Games for Education Download
Norbert Bátfai
Péter Molnár
Bálint Rábai
István Tari
Cryptographic measurements on Java-enabled mobile phones Download
Norbert Pataki C++ Standard Template Library by Ranges Download
Norbert Pataki Features of C++ Template Metaprograms Download
Nóra Sterbinszky Comparison of the efficiency of combination of database servers, application servers and operating systems with TPC-W benchmark Download
Piroska Bíró Use of Interactive Whiteboard in the Schools of Debrecen Download
Prakan Puvibunsuk Integrating CMMS into ERP Download
Pál Dömösi
Zita Kovács
Andor Pénzes
An attack on Dömösi's cryptosystem Download
Péter Fésüs Medical Protocol and Financing in Hospital Information Systems Download
Péter Jeszenszky Web ontology for software package management Download
Péter Orosz
Tamás Skopkó
Timestamp-resolution Problem of Traffic Analysis on High Speed Networks Download
Péter Takács
Tamás Mihálydeák
Demonstration of the modified CSN-logic Download
Péter Tömösközi
Csaba Bíró
Roland Király
Implementation of an automatic error detection tool for C# Download
Richárd O. Legéndi
Attila Szabó
Advantages of a Multi-Paradigm Programming Language in Agent-Based Model Definition Download
Roberto Giachetta
István Elek
Developing an Advanced Document Based Map Server Download
Roberto Giachetta
István Fekete
Framework for Visualization and Performance Analysis of Algorithms and Data Structures Download
Roland Király Implementing structural complexity metrics in Erlang Download
Roland Király
Róbert Kitlei
Zoltán Horváth
Structural complexity metrics for functional programming code Download
Roland Kunkli
Miklós Hoffmann
Skinning of circles and spheres using Apollonius circles Download
Róbert Béládi
Vilmos Bilicki
Monitoring the Quality of Service in Wireless Mesh Networks Download
Szilvia Szakácsné Nagy The Role of Sonification in the Development of the Concept of Function for Blind Pupils Download
Szilárd András Intuiting Mathematics by Computer Visualizations Download
Sándor Baran
Lajos Veress
Kinga Sikolya
Estimating the risk of a Down's syndrome term pregnancy: comparison of various methods Download
Sándor Kaczur
József Molnár
Péter Salvi
Ábel Sinkovics
Zoltán Porkoláb
A Brief Comparation of Generative Programming Technologies Download
Sékou Tidiani Coulibaly A possible method for synthesis of polynomial kernel function by mean of algebraic geometry Download
Tamás Berczes
Tamás Vojnits
Lajos Tőzsér
AddOn development for SAP Business One Download
Tamás Herendi Fast modular exponentiation Download
Tibor Csendes PageRank Based Network Algorithms for Weighted Graphs with Applications to Wine Tasting and Scientometrics Download
Tibor Radványi
Gábor Kusper
Security Issues Against Contactless Intelligent Cards in the EID Project Processing or not yet in
Tibor Radványi
Róbert Szabó
Péter Incze
Péter Magyar
Gábor Kusper
Emőd Kovács
RFID technological knowledge in our teaching Download
Tibor Ásványi Radix Sort for Linked Lists: Implementations Download
Tudor Jebelean
Gábor Kusper
SAT Solving Experiments in Multi-Domain Logic Download
Veronika Stoffová Importance of data type and data structure in programming Download
Viktor Vad
Gergely Klár
Highly Paralell Toolbox of Level Set Methods Download
Viktor Árgilán
János Balogh
József Békési
Balázs Dávid
Miklós Krész
Attila Tóth
Heuristic for the Combined Vehicle and Driver Scheduling Problem Download
Viktória Zsók Functional Semantics of D-Clean Download
Vilmos Bilicki
Zoltán Rak
Vilmos Bilicki
Zoltán Rak
Wireless Mesh Networks from the Energy Consumption Aspect Download
Vilmos Szűcs
Miklós Kasza
Vilmos Bilicki
Software Architecture of Proseniis Project Download
Zalán Szűgyi
Zoltán Porkoláb
Syntax Check of Embedded SQL in C++ with Proto Download
Zoltán Csajbók Partial Approximative Set Theory: A View from Galois Connections Download
Zoltán Gál
György Terdik
Wavelet analysis of QoS based network traffic Download
Zoltán Hernyák Distributed Lazy Evaluation Download
Zoltán Istenes Formal Methods in Robot Control Systems Download
Zoltán Istenes
Máté Tejfel
László A. Jeni
Verified Mobile Code Repository Simulator for the Intelligent Space Download
Zoltán Király
Péter Kovács
An Experimental Study of Minimum Cost Flow Algorithms Download
Zoltán Kátai
Péter István Fülöp
Modeling dynamic programming problems: Petri nets versus d-graphs Download
Zoltán Lengyel BDD Variable Ordering Techniques Download
Zoltán Madár Development frameworks for implementing local e-government applications Download
Zsigmond Máriás Design and Performance Analysis of Hierarchical Large-scale Inhomogeneous Databases Download
Zsolt Borsi
László Kozma
Anna Medve
On the Verification Problems of the Component-Based Software Development Download
Zsolt Karácsony
Zsuzsa Libor
Longest runs in coin tossing. Recursive formulae, asymptotic theorems, computer simulations Download
Zsolt Kristóf
Károly Bodnár
Péter Takács
First achievements of the adaptation of the ILIAS learning management system at the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Health Download
Zsolt Nagy Intelligent Web System and its life essence: the AJAX Download
Zsolt Török
András Hajdu
Image processing support in the early detection of melanoma malignum Download
Ábel Garai Methodology for assessment validation of platform migration of roboust critical IT-Systems Download
Ágnes Werner-Stark
A. Valics
T. Dulai
The validation of information resulted by process mining in case of a garage gate control Download
Áron Csendes Survey of Dynamic Voltage Scaling Methods for Energy Efficient Embedded Systems Download

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